Launched in January 2017, Mentor To Go builds on the existing mentorship programme, Mentor Together, in India with a mobile component to reach girls between 15 and 18, particularly in rural and semi-urban areas.




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The challenge

Gender disparity in India, particularly in rural areas, is a huge impediment to girls’ access to economic opportunities, education, and community leadership.  While evidence around mentorship has shown a proven impact for improving girls’ self-confidence, girls in India often have trouble accessing mentorship because of limited mobility and lack of available female mentors.  Likewise, professional women in India often are limited by distance in sharing their experience with girls in rural areas.



Our approach

A mobile mentoring programme connecting girls in rural and semi-urban areas to female mentors, Mentor to Go builds on an existing in-person mentoring service developed by Mentor Together. Vulnerable girls enrolled in the programme are expected to demonstrate increased self-confidence and perceptions of self-efficacy.  The Android app for mentors connects them to their mentee via free calls, and is supported by an open-source back-end.  The programmes offers a flexible schedule to accommodate women’s responsibilities and professional obligations, as well as girls’ school timings.

Key Features

Mentor Together’s evidence-based curriculum lays out key steps, questions, and activities for mentors to engage with the girls.  Security and privacy are key. By incorporating call routing through the app, all contact information from both sides is kept secure and private, creating trust in the girls’ families. In addition,  Mentor To Go is designed as an android app so can be easily used by professional women in India.


Moving Forward

Integrated feedback systems allow both the mentors and mentees to report on the progression of their mentorship and the quality of the calls to continually improve the programme. After a contained rollout in two primary regions of India, the app will then scale nationally.


I trust my mentor like a sister. I feel at ease speaking with her on a mobile phone, as I feel it’s more private. She’s helping advise me on my career and future possibilities.
— Pooja, 17, Somanathapura Village, Karnataka


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