Our approach


To design products, services, and experiences that address real needs, we combine human-centered design and agile development processes, employing a creative approach to problem solving that starts with people. 



As a mission-driven organisation, we're deeply invested in developing the best possible solutions to the projects we develop with our partners. Rather than implementing technologies in response to a brief, we work with our partners to interrogate the problems, getting involved in projects from the very start so that the right technologies, channels and methodologies are put into play.




Our team actively engages with end users and other stakeholders throughout the development process. Through interviews, focus groups and workshops, our multidisciplinary team draws on their experience in the fields of service design, user experience, behavioural economics and content production to collaborate with our users.

Rapid Prototyping

Working in the field, with our users, we develop prototypes to test assumptions and iterate on concepts and designs. Rapid prototyping allows our teams to test and validate new products, services and programme concepts before investing vast resources into technology, development, and marketing.




Agile development

Agile approaches help teams respond to unpredictability through incremental, iterative work cadences and empirical feedback. By incorporating rigorous User Acceptance Testing (UAT) in our development processes, both in the studio and in the field, we ensure our products and services are adjusted to respond to user needs and environmental constraints.

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Feedback loops

We build feedback mechanisms into our products and services to make them more responsive to evolving demands and to empower end users to influence the systems and service-providers they interact with.


Guided by best practice

Praekelt.org is a proud endorser of The Principles for Digital Development – a set of guidelines that help development practitioners integrate established best practices into technology-enabled programmes.


Our Skills


Leveraging the vast experiences of our team, Praekelt.org delivers a wide range of services at every stage of a project, from research and conception right through to launch and maintenance.


Digital strategy & consulting


Service design & user research


Software development


Graphic design & branding


User experience design


Programme management


Content curation & creation


Community management


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