Launched in March 2017 in Indonesia, through a partnership with Save the Children, Dooit is a financial literacy Android app targeted to girls in school between 16-18 years old.




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The challenge

One significant way to improve the economy is through educating girls.  The IMF, UN Women, & World Bank all link greater GDP growth to employing and educating women, and with even just one additional year of education for women of reproductive age, child mortality decreases by nearly 10%. In Indonesia there are 9.7M girls 10-19 years old who live below $2/day.  With mobile access rates as high as 97% in some areas there is an incredible opportunity to reach millions directly.  



Our approach

Created in conjuction with Save the Children's Skills to Success programme, Dooit is an Android app that helps youth save money and reach goals on their own. Designed within the constraints of low-income youth in Indonesia, for whom banks are inaccessible or untrusted, girls have a personal money mentor in Dooit that guides them through the process of setting goals and tracking savings.  Full of savings tips, quizzes, and fun challenges, Dooit encourages girls to increase their savings behaviour and improve their financial literacy.


The results

Save The Children’s knowledge of girls in Indonesia and their extensive financial literacy expertise helped provide structure to our content and user interface design process.  Focus group testing allowed us to co-design the app with target users, giving confidence in its acceptance rate. Designed as an android app, Dooit can be easily used by girls in Indonesia.



New developments

In addition to reaching our target users through a robust media plan, we are in discussion with Save the Children to adapt and launch the app in several other Asian countries during the course of the next two years.