MomConnect Platform's MomConnect platform
 is a suite of mobile technologies, tools and methodologies that allow governments and other implementing partners to create and manage customised, population-scale health programmes. Live in South Africa for almost two years, the platform is supporting programmes with imminent launches in Nigeria and Uganda.



Core Package


Mobile registry


The MomConnect platform allows patients to be registered to a secure database via multiple mobile channels, with each registration linked to a facility or healthcare worker to support tracking and data analysis at various administrative levels

Service ratings


The service rating features allows patients to rate services and provide feedback, all linked to a specfic facilities or healthcare workers to allow Ministry of Health officials and other stakeholders to monitor service delivery and quality.

Stage-based messaging


The platform stores, manages and sends stage-based messages in multiple languages through multiple mobile channels – from SMS messages to a Facebook Messenger chatbot – providing guidance and support to subscribers at critical points in their health journey

Automated Helpdesk


The MomConnect helpdesk provides multi-channel, automated support and access to FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) to enable patients to find critical information and services when they need them most.



Additional packages




The NurseConnect module allows nurses, midwives or frontline health workers to subscribe to clinical and psycho-social support and receive positive patient feedback.

ECD Module


The MomConnect message set covers the first year of a child's life, but this additional Early Childhood Development (ECD) module extends the service offering through the early parts of a child's life to support their growth and development.

NurseConnect Learning


Another module aimed at healthcare workers, the Learning add-on allow nurses to complete training modules via mobile, promoting professional development.

Risk profiling


The Risk Profiling feature enables targeted Elimination of Mother-To-Child Transmission (EMTCT) messaging to high risk patients, as determined by the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders. Additional risk-profiles for other conditions are in development. 


Phases of implementation


Rapid Installation, Customisation, Implementation and Iteration, Graduation.

Depending on existing systems, a basic version of MomConnect can be installed within a two week period. Additional customisation to local needs will require an extra 6 to 12 weeks. Following the customisation of the platform our team will work with stakeholders in the health system to implement the platform, with time allocated to iterative development, for two years. Within three years, local teams should be trained and ready to take complete ownership of the platform – what we refer to as the graduation phase. 



The MomConnect Platform in action

 In Nigeria and Uganda, a new, contextually-relevant brand was developed for each country to ensure that the programmes powered by our technologies resonated with local women and families in those countries. In South Africa, more than a million women have signed up to become MomConnect subscribers.


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