A Girl Effect initiative, Springster is a mobile website for girls that embraces a community-centric experience which keeps girls engaged and connected.








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The challenge

Increased connectivity brings huge opportunity, but we also run the risk of leaving behind vulnerable adolescent girls. The majority of online content isn’t created with girls in mind. Content that caters to girls needs doesn’t really exist, and topics that they want to find out more about - like periods, or relationships, or friendships - aren’t covered in a way that makes sense to them. Sometimes, content that does exist actually entrenches negative stereotypes.



Our approach

A Girl Effect initiative, Springster brings relevant content, services, tips and advice to girls to achieve their full potential. The platform increases girls’ self-confidence and basic knowledge across health, education, voice and rights, financial security, and safety. Springster is a first of its kind mobile website for girls and by girls.

The results

Springster (in its previous incarnation, Girl Effect Mobile) was nominated for a ‘best mobile innovation for emerging markets’ GLOMO award and has become one of the top five best performing sites on the Free Basics by Facebook platform. We’ve already started to see early indications that girls who are engaging with our content are becoming more informed, confident and gaining a better understanding of their lives in the offline world. 

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They are so helpful because they are helping me in making me who I really am.
— Girl in Philippines, 16 years old