A new infrastructure for change.


Within a rapidly evolving mobile landscape, we’re combining the technological building blocks we’ve created over the last 8 years with new developments in behaviour-change theory and data analytics to create tools and platforms that will allow people to access, interact with, and influence national-scale programmes and systems.


Open source

We believe real change can only be achieved through collaboration and shared knowledge and tools – which is why we use and build open source technologies.


Mobile focus

We start our projects thinking about the most accessible mobile channels, like SMS, USSD and Voice, and work our way up to mobi sites and apps for smartphones.


Built for scale

Our projects are built for scale from the start: we create  platforms that reach millions of people, in multiple countries, across multiple networks and channels


 Feedback loops

We combine expertise in behaviour change communications with extensive technological experience to create services that evolve as users interact with them.


MomConnect Platform's MomConnect Platform is a suite of technologies built to launch and run national-scale solutions for maternal health



Junebug allows software developers to integrate seamlessly and efficiently with mobile networks to create a new generation of mobile applications and services



Publish anything, anywhere with a CMS designed to create data-lite, mobile-ready sites that are accessible on both smartphones and feature phones