Built from the foundations laid by our Vumi product, Junebug is a unified messaging gateway which connects governments, NGOs, enterprises and aggregators to local mobile network infrastructure, allowing them to send and receive millions of mobile messages faster and more efficiently than ever before. Visit the Junebug site for a detailed overview or read more below.


Junebug for developers

To install and use Junebug check out the technical documentation and screen cast tutorial. You can also take a look atJunebug on Github or download Junebug below.


The Junebug team


Born from the original team that worked on Vumi, the Junebug team draws on their extensive experience working with large-scale mobile messaging campaigns and mobile network integrations to build a new generation of open source applications and tools.


Want to find out more about how you can use Junebug or Vumi or contribute to these project?

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Junebug is built on the Foundation's of another project, Vumi. In 2010, the Praekelt Foundation built TxtAlert, a mobile service that sends automated, personalized SMS reminders to patients on chronic medication. Responding to the needs of the project, we saw the potential to build a mobile messaging platform that could serve both NGOs and commercial clients. The result is Vumi.



Vumi for developers



The creation of Junebug was made  possible thanks to the support and investment of UNICEF. Many thanks, also, to Simon Cross for his invaluable efforts to build Junebug and Vumi.