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WhatsApp Business API

Leveraging the world's largest chat platform to increase our reach.

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Integrate with Best of Breed

Elevating our programme by complementing it with existing innovations.


Understand Vernacular

Leveraging Natural Language Processing to improve engagement and response rates at a local level.

MomConnect Case Study



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The challenge

With the scale of our platforms, we have been faced with finding new innovative ways of sustainability.  In South Africa, sending essential information via SMS to pregnant women and new mothers costs approximately USD 100,000 per month, over 50% of monthly programme expenses, even after discounting rates. WhatsApp allows us to keep the cost of our programmes down, while increasing the value it provides for the pregnant women at the heart of the service.  



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Our approach

Developed by’s Benefit Corporation, Turn is a forward looking product that embraces internet-enabled messaging to provide quick responses for businesses and organisations globally. It can connect thousands of individuals monthly, and provides a direct communication channel for humans to be in the loop of their consumer engagement, whether healthworkers or other fields. It integrates with the best of breed existing systems such as Rapidpro and DHIS2.

The results

Since the launch of the Turn in MomConnect in September 2017, hundreds of thousands of mothers have subscribed to receive age and stage based information on WhatsApp. This accounts for only 30% of our active subscriber base, but these users send more than 10x more messages directed to the MomConnect Helpdesk. This signals a fundamental shift coming in how public services will be consumed and designed over the coming decade. SMS, IVR and USSD will be replaced in favour of internet-based solutions in all emerging markets.



Want to use WhatsApp for social impact?

Turn helps social impact organisations have private, personal, guided conversations that improve lives at scale.