The Praekelt Foundation Incubator for Free Basics


To accelerate the impact of the Free Basics by Facebook platform, we partnered with Facebook to launch an incubator programme for social change organisations, empowering them to create and share information and services with the potential to reach over one billion people.


The challenge

Two thirds of the world's population have never been online. The relatively high cost of data, and lack of relevant localised content present substantial barriers. Free Basics by Facebook aims to address these challenges by providing people with access to basic websites for free – like news, job postings, health and education information, and communication tools like Facebook. Yet, without capacity and the relevant experience, social change organisations have a limited ability to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity.



Our approach partnered with Facebook to co-found a programme that would select 100 organisations to join an unique incubator. Chosen by an independent panel of experts, each organisation accepted into the incubator received training, support and free access to's Molo platform. Using the tools provided by Molo our partners were able to create, adapt and publish content to mobile-optimised sites that met Facebook's strict technical requirements for services submitted to the Free Basics platform.

The results

The first five sites were launched in mid-August 2016, including new sites from Planned Parenthood Global, She Inspires Her, Save the Children and Below is a full list of all the sites launched.


Our partners



AmaBhungane Centre for Investigative Journalism

AmaBhungane Centre for Investigative Journalism is a South African organization launched in 2010 founded to develop investigative journalism in the public interest. is a campaigning organisation with link backs to media reports, research, policy papers and other sources where people can get more information on a specific issue. 

Soul City

Soul City uses a combination of mass media, social mobilisation and advocacy, to improve the quality of life and health of people in Southern Africa.

Speak Up Africa

Speak Up Africa  is a women-led creative communications and advocacy organization focusing on public health and education and dedicated to catalyzing African leadership.





AMIS-Cameroon connects farmers to markets and give them access to information they need to practice sustainable agriculture.

Camiling Cattlemen's Association

Camiling Cattlemen's Association puts together the millions of underemployed farmers and the mountains of feedstuff-grade agricultural by-products into a world-competitive dairy-beef cattle production system.



WeFarm provides a platform where farmers can ask question regarding agriculture via SMS and receive a number of crowdsourced answers from their peers within minutes.


Economic Empowerment


Action Network Centre for Community Development

ANCCD is a mobilizer of global opinion and resources for people-centered community development through innovative solutions.


Code for Africa

Code for Africa builds and operate over 100 data & information driven digital tools and platforms that give citizens everything from election to health to legal information.


IDwork is  organising the informal home services sector (plumbers, carpenters, electricians, etc.) using technology. 

Lively Hoods

Lively Hoods provides livelihood opportunities to urban youth and women in Kenya’s informal settlements.



Mintor democratizes recruiting for skilled students with disadvantaged backgrounds by using a platform that delivers 10X improvement to entry-level recruits and recruiters. 


Phuhlisani NPC is a non profit company working in the rural sector in South Africa with a focus on rural democracy land reform, land rights management and rural development.

Rank & File

Rank & File provides business and leadership advice that inspires, equips and empowers our readers to do two main things: to serve people above all else & to create positive change through business. 

Sweep South

Sweep South is a South African domestic cleaning service that makes job opportunities possible through recruitment.


Zero Poor in Africa

Zero Poor in Africa (ZPA)  has a participatory and inclusive approach, which allows it to address real problems, propose programmatic solutions, anticipate risks and provide mitigation measures and realistic assumptions. 




Africa Check

Africa Check publishes fact-checks on the accuracy of claims made in public debate and the media, fact-sheets of reliable information and guides to the public.


Africa Trust Academy

Africa Trust Academy is an education company dedicated to inspiring and educating people for economic growth and transformation.



Andela provides free access to content that enables young people learn introductory programming concepts so they can gain a skill (programming) that can change their life.


Bangladesh Science Society

Bangladesh Science Society dreams of a self-reliant Bangladesh, aiming to evolve a developed and technically skillful generation, who will implement their knowledge and creativity



DreamAfrica™ is a digital African-themed platform that delivers engaging family friendly educational and entertaining ebooks, audiobooks and videos/animations.


EarthEcho International 

EarthEcho International believes youth have the power to change our planet: our mission is to inspire young people worldwide to act now for a sustainable future.


Edukasyon’s mission is to achieve zero unemployment in the Philippines through their career planning site that helps young people plan their education for careers.


EducationXander/ Tribage

EducationXander/ Tribage takes your child on an educational journey by visiting all the apps in the Xander range: 123, Shapes and Colours, ABC, and Wardrobe.



eLimu provides digital educational materials of a global standard at an affordable cost to school children in Kenya and the region. provides valuable content to those who are seeking to improve their business skills in Latin America.


Kytabu is an android application that enables teachers and students to rent curriculum textbooks using mobile money to make digital learning content and tools for education accessible. 

Library For All

Library For All’s mission is to make knowledge accessible to every person on the planet. 



LevelUp helps high school learners to improve their academic performance, strengthen their social skills and foster good learning behaviour. 




OLICO builds education solutions and co-operative businesses designed to build a more inclusive, just and humane society. 


ReThinkEducation aims to enable communities to function efficiently & make greater impact by creating relevant education and training content delivered via mobile devices.

SEED Madagascar  

SEED Madagascar operates in the south-east of Madagascar, managing a wide range of sustainable development and conservation projects.


SpellAfrica Initiative strives to make learning English easy, fun and accessible to people who are interested in improving their language skills for career and educational purposes.

The South African Study Skills Institute 

The South African Study Skills Institute promote effective learning skills through the distribution of information and the delivery of practical session to students, parents and communities.

Tipitom’s Bilingual Children's Enterprises 

Tipitom’s Bilingual Children's Enterprises creates interactive activities and games where kids are guaranteed to learn more vocabulary in both languages and improve their cognitive skills.


TutorMundi is an app for students to connect with tutors for a variety of topics in Brazil.



Vahan makes education more accessible and effective for low-income populations, including  a mobile application for low-income adults to learn English for the purpose of enhancing their employability.

Vyaap Technologies

Vyaap Technologies develops online “skill progress report” that constantly updates while your kid is busy playing our fun educational games.




All Out  

All Out uses the power of digital technology to fuel LGBT activism across the world.

Cherie Blair Foundation for Women 

Cherie Blair Foundation for Women developed a mobile value added service, 'Business Women', based on in-depth research to determine the key barriers facing women entrepreneurs.

Educate a Girl   

Educate a Girl is a non-profit charity organization that aims to empower and educate unprivileged women. 

Girls Talk Mobi/ Seed Com  

Girls Talk Mobi/ Seed Com believe that girls education provides the key to creating healthy, sustainable communities. (Sheva) (Sheva) teaches women and girls how to use and take advantage of existing and life changing tools found on mobile technology.


HOLAAfrica aims to inform and educate people about issues pertaining to sex and sexuality and provide a platform for conversation and engagement with these issues and storytelling.

She Inspires Her   

She Inspires Her aims to change perceptions, inspire aspiring entrepreneurs and promote small but growing women-owned businesses on the African continent. 

The Akilah Institute for Women 

The Akilah Institute for Women provides skills based education through 3 year diploma programs in Hospitality Management, Entrepreneurship, and Information Systems. 





AbleThrive empowers families impacted by disabilities to see their potential and thrive.


Acha Memorial Foundation 

Acha Memorial Foundation addresses the stroke challenge in Africa by focusing on community health improvement and providing access to vital information that can save lives


doctHERS aims to connect women, improve health, and transform lives by providing primary care via nurse-assisted telemedicine, health insurance, and preventive health care messaging.

 D-tree International

D-tree International provides clinical algorithms to health workers so that they consistently reach the correct diagnosis and treatment. 




Foundation for Professional Development

Foundation for Professional Development offers training courses to health professionals and technical assistances to different districts in South Africa.


Health-E is a non-profit news agency that supplies mainstream media with health news mainly affecting disadvantaged and under-reported communities.


HearInAfrica provides information on primary ear and hearing care that focuses primarily on preventable hearing loss. 


HearUSA validates mHealth solutions for affordable access to ear and hearing care through partner-centric systems that anyone can use, anywhere.




HelpMeSee is the global campaign to end cataract blindness, the leading cause of blindness worldwide. 



Mamalette is a support community that provides pregnant women and new mothers with quality, relevant information and helps them discover services, products and experts that can improve their lives.

Medic Mobile

Medic Mobile is a software toolkit that combines smart messaging, decision support, easy data gathering and management, and health system analytics. 


MOBicure’s mission is to improve health access to all through the use of mobile technology with focus areas in maternal and children health outcomes, and sexual education for adolescents and youth. 


MOBicure for Health Workers 

MOBicure for Health Workers offers services geared to improve health delivery in Africa through behavior change modification, access to health and continuous education for health workers.

The MTV Staying Alive Foundation

The MTV Staying Alive Foundation gives grants to young leaders who run HIV prevention groups in their local communities.


MumsVillage is an African media house that creates locally relevant health and parenting content.


Panacea Live Ltd.

Panacea Live Ltd. gives people all across Bangladesh the power verify the authenticity of the medication they purchase.


Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood (Da Subject Matter) delivers vital reproductive health care, sex education, and information to millions of women, men, and young people worldwide.


The Society for Children Orphaned by AIDS

The Society for Children Orphaned by AIDS (SOCOBA) provides charitable assistance, basic life skills, & youth empowerment strategies to vulnerable children and those orphaned or infected by HIV and/or AIDS. 

Uhambo Foundation

Uhambo Foundation provides a wide variety of capacity building training programmes for families, caregivers, ECD Centres, social workers, NPOs and other support services for children with disabilities. 


Zola's corner

Zola's corner is assisting the health sector administration and creating awareness of treatment options for South Africans from underprivileged areas, by publishing stories of both doctors and patients.




Human Rights

Childline Gauteng

Childline Gauteng works collectively to protect children from all forms of violence and to create a culture of children's rights in Gauteng, South Africa.

Save The Children SA

Save The Children SA works to achieve sustainable positive breakthroughs in the way South African children are treated and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.



United Nations High Council for Refugees works to ensure that everybody has the right to seek asylum and find safe refuge, having fled violence, persecution, war or disaster at home

The Simba-Safe Program 

The Simba-Safe Program teaches children the safety skills necessary to protect themselves from physical or sexual abuse while encouraging them to tell a trusted adult about any problems they may have. 



Aflatoun International

Aflatoun International’s mission is to inspire socially and economically empowered children and youth to lead responsible lives and be agents of change.

Avasant Foundation

Avasant Foundation creates education and employment opportunities for high potential youth in disadvantaged communities across the globe.

Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center

Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center believes that the effective practice of leadership requires three core capabilities: courage, compassion, and competence, and aims to build these in young people.

Better Me Global

Better Me Global reaches out to teenagers in Nigeria, helping them become better adults despite their background experiences.



Cotlands(Power of Play)  early childhood development programmes are based on best practice principles ensuring the holistic development of each of the children they serve.

Dare to Innovate

Dare to Innovate is a youth-led movement to end unemployment in West Africa, investing in the entrepreneurial ecosystem to ignite social change.


Grace Foundation for Education and Development

Grace Foundation for Education and Development exists to invest in the next generation of Nigerians, providing youth with the tools they need to break the poverty cycle.

Lady Liberty SA 

Lady Liberty SA provides access to legal information (rights and responsibilities) and services to women and girls living in marginalised and poor communities, who otherwise cannot afford this.


Livity Africa / Digify

Livity Africa / Digify is a youth based organisation that serves as an academy, media platform and agency, all focused on providing a voice and vocation for African youth. 

Sauti ya Jamii Programme

Sauti ya Jamii Programme is a Kenyan NGO that advocates for democratic governance and social, economic, and political rights of youth and women across East Africa.


Save the Children

Save the Children provides essential advocacy and programming interventions to children around the world in the areas of protection, health, education, nutrition, shelter, water and sanitation, disaster risk reduction and resilience.



Sistagirl Foundation

Sistagirl Foundation helps empower at-risk youth, especially girls in disadvantaged communities with life changing opportunities in South Africa.


Sosai Renewable Energies 

Sosai Renewable Energies Company train youths on how to build stoves that saves the use of wood, and are more environmentally friendly. 

The Learn and Uplift Foundation
The Learn and Uplift Foundation provide online self-paced programs that build a range of skills for unemployed and underemployed youth who are disadvantaged.

WAVE Academies

WAVE Academies increases income for unemployed youth in West Africa by providing work readiness soft skills training in communication, problem solving, time management, & teamwork.




FHI 360

FHI 360 is a nonprofit human development organization dedicated to improving lives in lasting ways by advancing integrated, locally driven solutions.

Global Press Journal

Global Press Journal produces high-quality local news coverage that elevates global awareness and ignites social change.


Human Network International

Human Network International’s 3-2-1 Service delivers trusted public service messages on a variety of topics to simple mobile phones via IVR, SMS, USSD, and the Web. took the challenge of creating the first African media platform that relied solely on user submissions to present to the world a new kind of African story - one told by its people.




Lasinda is a MediaTech company that produces original educative African media content distributed to local and global audiences using online and offline channels.


Local Voices Liberia

Local Voices Liberia is a network of Liberian journalists dedicated to reporting stories that are under reported in the big media.

Project Concern International

Project Concern International (PCI) is a global development organization that drives innovation from the ground up to enhance health, end hunger and overcome hardship.

Township Parents and Children Counseling Centre

Township Parents and Children Counseling Centre provides psychosocial support, and Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT) counseling in South Africa.



The Relevance Network 

The Relevance Network bootstraps development and social investment initiatives by taking on short-term evaluation work across the health, education and social development sectors.


The Toolbox

The Toolbox assembles, curates and creates the tools with which to transform our lives and the world we live in.


The UoD Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies

The UoD Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies is dedicated to teaching young people about the emerging theory and practice of peacebuilding. 

Translators without Borders 

Translators without Borders is a U.S. non-profit organization that aims to close the language gaps that hinder critical humanitarian efforts worldwide. 


World Food Programme

World Food Programme aims to achieve a world with Zero Hunger.


White Rice Communications

White Rice Communications is a specialized behavior centered design and communications agency which focuses on changing behaviors, at a community or organizational level.


Young Strong Mothers Foundation (YSMF)

Young Strong Mothers Foundation (YSMF) finds different opportunities for teenage mothers who are living with no family, social, economic and financial support.

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