The Praekelt Foundation Incubator for Free Basics


To accelerate the impact of the Free Basics by Facebook platform, we partnered with Facebook to launch an incubator programme for social change organisations, empowering them to create and share information and services with the potential to reach over one billion people.


The challenge

Two thirds of the world's population have never been online. The relatively high cost of data, and lack of relevant localised content present substantial barriers. Free Basics by Facebook aims to address these challenges by providing people with access to basic websites for free – like news, job postings, health and education information, and communication tools like Facebook. Yet, without capacity and the relevant experience, social change organisations have a limited ability to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity.



Our approach partnered with Facebook to co-found a programme that would select 100 organisations to join an unique incubator. Chosen by an independent panel of experts, each organisation accepted into the incubator receives training, support and free access to's Molo platform. Using the tools provided by Molo our partners are able to create, adapt and publish content to mobile-optimised sites that meet Facebook's strict technical requirements for services submitted to the Free Basics platform.

The results

Of the 100 organisations that will benefit from the Incubator, over 60 organisations have already been accepted into the project. The first five sites will launch in mid-August 2016, including new sites from Planned Parenthood Global, She Inspires Her, Save the Children and  We're recruiting the next wave of social change organisations to join the incubator. For more information visit the Incubator's own site.


Our partners



AmaBhungane Centre for Investigative Journalism

AmaBhungane Centre for Investigative Journalism is a South African organization launched in 2010 founded to develop investigative journalism in the public interest. is a campaigning organisation with link backs to media reports, research, policy papers and other sources where people can get more information on a specific issue. 

Soul City

Soul City uses a combination of mass media, social mobilisation and advocacy, to improve the quality of life and health of people in Southern Africa.

Speak Up Africa

Speak Up Africa  is a women-led creative communications and advocacy organization focusing on public health and education and dedicated to catalyzing African leadership.





AMIS-Cameroon connects farmers to markets and give them access to information they need to practice sustainable agriculture.

Camiling Cattlemen's Association

Camiling Cattlemen's Association puts together the millions of underemployed farmers and the mountains of feedstuff-grade agricultural by-products into a world-competitive dairy-beef cattle production system.



WeFarm provides a platform where farmers can ask question regarding agriculture via SMS and receive a number of crowdsourced answers from their peers within minutes.


Economic Empowerment


Action Network Centre for Community Development

ANCCD is a mobilizer of global opinion and resources for people-centered community development through innovative solutions.


Code for Africa

Code for Africa builds and operate over 100 data & information driven digital tools and platforms that give citizens everything from election to health to legal information.


IDwork is  organising the informal home services sector (plumbers, carpenters, electricians, etc.) using technology. 

Lively Hoods

Lively Hoods provides livelihood opportunities to urban youth and women in Kenya’s informal settlements.



Mintor democratizes recruiting for skilled students with disadvantaged backgrounds by using a platform that delivers 10X improvement to entry-level recruits and recruiters. 


Phuhlisani NPC is a non profit company working in the rural sector in South Africa with a focus on rural democracy land reform, land rights management and rural development.

Rank & File

Rank & File provides business and leadership advice that inspires, equips and empowers our readers to do two main things: to serve people above all else & to create positive change through business. 

Sweep South

Sweep South is a South African domestic cleaning service that makes job opportunities possible through recruitment.


Zero Poor in Africa

Zero Poor in Africa (ZPA)  has a participatory and inclusive approach, which allows it to address real problems, propose programmatic solutions, anticipate risks and provide mitigation measures and realistic assumptions. 



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