Our Patient Engagement Lab develops Rapid Feedback Cycles to evaluate and improve our mobile health messaging interventions.










The challenge

Mobile technologies offer huge promise for improving the health and wellbeing of those in resource-constrained settings. Since our founding, we’ve focused on demonstrating how mobile technologies can improve the wellbeing of those most in need. However, continuous improvement and evidence-informed approaches are essential for realising that potential and delivering effective and impactful service at scale.



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Our approach

Digital services can generate a large amount of data. If these data are carefully managed, collected intentionally, and handled ethically they can be extremely valuable for improving services and for developing tailored and adaptive service delivery.  Our Patient Engagement Lab leverages the data available on our platforms to develop increasingly personalised insights on how to deliver the most effective and empowering mobile messaging behaviour change strategies possible. We combine user feedback and outcome data from our digital platforms. Our technological work and experimental implementations are advancing the science of rapid feedback and adaptation. We need to constantly check ourselves, learn and improve to keep pace with constantly evolving patterns of technology and use.

The results

An overview of our rapid feedback framework (RFF) for mobile health messaging services can be found here. We are currently working on developing our investigations which will run through the end of 2018.




We envision a future where health information and advice is available on demand to anyone who needs it and where individuals from all walks of life are effectively supported in living healthy lives.  While we realise that mobile technology is only one part of achieving that vision, we believe it can be an important one. To get there, we are developing rapid, iterative and rigorous evaluation frameworks that are capable of supporting continuous improvement on mobile health platforms delivered at scale. taking an evidence-informed approach focused on the use of rigorous and rapid evidence feedback cycles.


The Patient Engagement Lab is supported by a generous fund from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.