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Tune Me leverages the ubiquity of mobile technologies to engage adolescents and deliver behaviour change communication that empowers young people to improve their sexual and reproductive health.








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The challenge

Nearly half of the world's population is under the age of 25. As the largest generation ever of young people, investments in their health and well-being are crucial so they can make a positive transition into adulthood and fully contribute to the economic and social development of their families, communities and nations. But sexually-transmitted infections place a disproportionately heavy burden on young people who often have no access to comprehensive sex education and health services.


Zimbabwe Launch. Photo courtesy of UNFPA Zimbabwe/ Greg Amira.

Zimbabwe Launch. Photo courtesy of UNFPA Zimbabwe/ Greg Amira.


Our approach

Inspired by one of our earliest projects, Young Africa Live, and funded by UNFPA and Ford Foundation, Tune Me is a mobile site designed for low- and high-end devices in environments where high data charges and poor network coverage combine to limit access to online services. Through social features and content designed to engage users rather than lecture, Tune Me aims to equip adolescents with the information and motivation they need to make better choices.

The results

Tune Me is live in Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, and Namibia, and soon to launch in Botswana and other South African countries. Already more than 200 stories exist on the site., covering subjects as diverse as menstruation and gender-based violence. Adapted from a global set of content, the stories are adapted and translated for local audiences to ensure relevance and improve engagement. With hundreds of thousands of unique users, we are well on our way to reaching our goal of engaging with three million adolescents in the next two years. Thank to our partnership with Panoply Digital we are also gathering data and insights that will allow us to continually evolve the site to meet the needs of users.




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